PhD program at Wesleyan

The Computer Science group at Wesleyan University invites applications
to its PhD program in Foundations of Computing.

The research interests of the group are in the areas of theoretical
computer science, including programming languages, automated
reasoning, and software engineering, with special interests in the
areas of rewriting and unification, logic programming, and software
design. These activities are complemented by the research interests of
mathematics faculty members in the areas of algebra, combinatorics,
and logic.

This program is designed for a small number of talented students.
Coursework is rigorous and assumes a strong mathematics background; at
the same time, most students are actively engaged in specification and
implementation work in databases, theorem proving, or programming
languages. A student will typically choose a course of study leading to
 (i) a Ph.D. in Computer Science or
(ii) a Ph.D. in Mathematics and an M.A. in Computer Science. 

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 Dan Dougherty