[SOAP @ ECOOP] Semantics of Objects As Processes '99 (CFP)

______________________ CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS _________________________________

                              SOAP '99

                    2nd International Workshop on
                  Semantics of Objects As Processes
                         Hosted by ECOOP '99


 Recently, there has been growing interest in studying the behavioural
 properties of object-oriented programs using concepts and ideas from
 process calculi, especially from calculi with some notion of mobility.
 Such calculi have features such as dynamic references and static scoping in
 common with object-oriented programming languages and also provide one with
 a rich vocabulary of reasoning techniques firmly grounded in structural
 operational semantics.

 For the current edition of SOAP, the participation of language designers
 and practitioners from the object-oriented programming community is
 particularly welcome.  Presentations of their view on semantics of objects
 as well as criticism on the process view are encouraged.

==================== AIMS OF SOAP:

 - to bring together researchers working in this area
   with designers and practitioners from the OO community

 - to foster new collaborations between 
   researchers from the process calculus community and 
   researchers from the object-oriented programming language community

 - to present and discuss ongoing work and basic position statements

 - to get new stimulus into the basic research on OO semantics

==================== MAJOR TOPICS:

 * semantics problems raised by OO language designers
 * criticism on current OO semantics by OO language designers
 * integration of objects with processes
 * the inheritance anomaly
 * OO languages with explict distribution
 * OO languages with mobility (object migration)
 * semantics techniques for concurrency and distribution
 * types for concurrent processes and objects

==================== INVITED SPEAKER:

 Oscar Nierstrasz (with Markus Lumpe and Jean-Guy Schneider) (IAM Bern)

==================== ORGANIZERS:

 Hans Hüttel (BRICS/DSS, Aalborg University)
 Eric Jul (DistLab, DIKU)
 Josva Kleist (BRICS/DSS, Aalborg University)
 Uwe Nestmann (contact person) (BRICS/DSS, Aalborg University)
 António Ravara (local organizer) (Technical University of Lisbon)

==================== PARTICIPATION/SUBMISSION:

 Submissions must not exceed 5 pages and should be sent as Postscript/PDF
 files to soap@cs.auc.dk no later than April 1, 1999.  Selection for
 presentation will be carried out by the organizers.  Emphasis is put on
 the potential of the submission to stimulate discussions in the
 above-mentioned scope.  Notification of acceptance is expected for April
 30, 1999.  A collection of papers accepted for presentation will appear as
 a report in the BRICS Notes series, and will be distributed at the

 The number of participants is limited to 15-25.