MFPS XV Update

Dear Colleagues,
  This message is to announce that the Program for this year's MFPS meeting
is now available on line. The meeting will take place on the campus of
Tulane University from April 28 to May 1. 
  We also want to announce that following MFPS a short course on the NRL
Protocol Analyzer will be offered at Tulane by Dr. Catherine Meadows (NRL),
the chief developer of the NRL Protocol Analyzer. The course is free, but
it is open to a limited enrollment of 20 participants. It will take place
from Monday, May 3 to Wednesday, May 5, with a continuation to Thursday,
May 6 if there is sufficient interest.
  Details about the MFPS program, about registration procedures and about
the NRL Protocol Analyzer course can be found at the MFPS XV home page,
http://www.math.tulane.edu/mfps15.html. Because of an overlap with the
annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, we urge potential
participants to register and make travel arrangements by February 15. 
  Best regards,
  Mike Mislove

Professor Michael Mislove		Phone: +1 504 862-3441
Department of Mathematics		FAX:   +1 504 865-5063
Tulane University			Email: mwm@math.tulane.edu
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