10-12 SEPTEMBER 1999, EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND

                       CALL FOR PARTICIPATION 
              EARLY REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 19 July 1999

CTCS '99 is the 8th conference on "Category Theory and Computer
Science."  The purpose of the conference series is the advancement of
the foundations of computing using the tools of category theory. While
the emphasis is upon applications of category theory, it is recognized
that the area is highly interdisciplinary.

Previous meetings have been held in Guildford (Surrey), Edinburgh,
Manchester, Paris, Amsterdam, Cambridge, and S. Margherita Ligure

This document contains

1. Invited speakers
2. List of accepted papers
3. Programme committee
4. Registration form

A WWW-version containing all this information plus abstract of
contributed papers can be found under www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/home/ctcs99

1. Invited speakers

Ryu Hasegawa		   Univ. of Tokyo (Japan)
Peter Freyd		   Univ. of Pennylvania (USA)
Marcelo Fiore		   Univ. of Sussex (UK)
Doug Smith		   Kestrel Institute (USA)

2. List of accepted papers (19 out of 39 submissions)

 Concurrent Realizations of Reactive Systems.
   Marek Bednarczyk, Andrzej Borzyszkowski 

 Functorial semantics for Petri nets under the individual token
   Roberto Bruni, Jose Meseguer, Ugo Montanari, Vladimiro Sassone 

 Equational Lifting Monads.
   Anna Bucalo, Alex Simpson, Carsten Fuehrmann 

 Structured Theories and Institutions
    F Duran, J Meseguer 

 Coalgebra to Algebra Morphisms.
    A Eppendahl 

 On the Semantics of Message Passing Processes.
    Lindsay Errington 

 A Fully abstract presheaf semantics for SCCS with finite delay.
    Thomas Hildebrandt 

 Abstract Games for Linear Logic.
    Martin Hyland, Andrea Schalk 

 Internal Languages for Autonomous and *-Autonomous Categories.
    T W Koh and C-H L Ong 

 Dependent Coercions.
    Zhaohui Luo and Sergei Soloviev

 Precategories for combining probabilistic automata.
    Paulo Mateus, Amilcar Sernadas, Cristina Sernadas 

 Monads, shapely functors, and traversals.
    E Moggi, G Belle, C B Jay

 Exhausting Strategies, Joker Games and IMLL with Units.
    A S Murawski and C-H L Ong 

 Hilbert Q-Modules and Nuclear Ideals in the Category of
      v-Semilattices with a Duality.
    Jan Paseka 

 A Coalgebraic Foundation for Linear Time Semantics.
    John Power, Daniele Turi 
 Denotational Completeness Revisited.
    Thomas Streicher 

 A domain-theoretic semantics of lax generic functions.
    Hideki Tsuiki 

 A Bi-Categorical Axiomatisation of Concurrent Graph Rewriting.
    Fabio Gadducci,  Reiko Heckel and Merce Llabres. 

 Higher-dimensional syntax.
    Martin Wehr. 

3. Programme committee

J. Adamek		   TU Braunschweig (Germany)  
N. Benton		   Microsoft Research, Cambridge (UK)  
R. Blute		   U. Ottawa (Canada)  
T. Coquand		   Chalmers (Sweden)  
M. Escardo		   LFCS Edinburgh (UK)  
M. Hasegawa		   Kyoto Univ. (Japan)  
M. Hofmann  (Chair)        LFCS Edinburgh (UK)   
P. O'Hearn		   Queen Mary West (UK)  
D. Pavlovic		   Kestrel Institute (California)  
H. Reichel		   TU Dresden (Germany)  
G. Rosolini		   U. Genova (Italy)  
A. Scedrov		   U. Penn (Pennsylvania)

Organising Committee

S. Abramsky LFCS           Edinburgh (UK)  
P. Dybjer                  Chalmers U. (Sweden)  
E. Moggi                   U. Genova (Italy)  
A. Pitts                   U. Cambridge (UK) 

4. Registration form
Please complete this form and email it to ctcs99-reg@dcs.ed.ac.uk
before 19th July 1999. You can also fax the form  to 
+44 131 667 7209 Attn: CTCS-REG or send it to M Lekuse, CTCS-REG,
JCMB, KB, Mayfield Rd, Edinburgh EH9 3JZ, UK. 

*       REGISTRATION FOR CTCS '99                     *


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DATE OF ARRIVAL: __/__ 1999

ANY SPECIAL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS (e.g. vegetarian): ______________________


The conference fee will cover lunches, coffee breaks, and
proceedings. (It also includes costs for invited speakers and seminar
room bookings.)
                      Regular       Student
Early registration:   GBP115        GBP95
by 19th July

Late registration:    GBP170        GBP170
after 19th July

There will be a conference dinner on Saturday, 11th September. It will
cost GBP30 (students GBP15).

I will attend the dinner    YES ( )   NO ( )

Total fees payable:         GBP ____

I have paid the fees by ____________________ on __/__1999.

Please pay your fee by 
- bank draft in GBP
- Eurocheque in GBP
- any other cheque drawn on a British bank
payable to "The University of Edinburgh". 

Unfortunately, we cannot acccept credit cards and bank transfers.  


We should like to ask you to book your own accommodation directly. The
Edinburgh Tourist Board offers a very efficient booking service. You
can either book by phone (+44-131-473-3874), fax (+44-131-473-3636) or
e-mail (conventions@eltb.org). When you contact them they will supply
you with a booking form which lists a number of accommodation types
from simple guest houses to 5* hotels. Please book early. Although the
Edinburgh International Festival will be over, September is still a
very busy time.
**Please state clearly on the accommodation booking form that your
accommodation should be within easy reach of the King's Buildings,
University of Edinburgh.**

You should receive confirmation of your booking within one day.  You
need to give them your credit card number which will serve as a
security. You will actually have to pay your accommodation directly
later.  If you do not have a credit card, or you encounter any
difficulties in booking your accommodation, then please get in touch
with us directly. Please contact (ctcs99-reg@dcs.ed.ac.uk) and state
your requirements.

The conference will be held in the James Clerk Maxwell Building
(Lecture theatre B), King's Buildings, Edinburgh EH9 3JZ. You will
find maps at http://www.visres.ed.ac.uk/internal/maps.

Important dates 

 9 April 1999     Notification of intention to submit  
23 April 1999     Submission deadline  
 4 June  1999     Notification of authors of accepted papers  
30 July  1999     Deadline for final versions of accepted papers

Address for paper submissions 

Martin Hofmann  
Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science  
Division of Informatics  JCMB, King's Buildings  
Mayfield Road  Edinburgh EH9 3JZ  Scotland

Local organization 

Monika Lekuse  
Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science  
Division of Informatics JCMB, King's Buildings  
Mayfield Road  Edinburgh EH9 3JZ  Scotland

Conference e-address     ctcs99@dcs.ed.ac.uk 

Conference homepage      http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/home/ctcs99

Related event            2nd APPSEM workshop, 6-9 September 1999