TLCA 2001

*                    TLCA 2001
*          5th International Conference on
*        Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications
*                 May 2 -- 5, 2001
*                  Krakow, Poland
*                 CALL FOR PAPERS

The TLCA series of conferences aims at providing a forum for the
presentation and discussion of current research in a field which was
originally rather restricted, but has now expanded considerably.
Typical areas include, but are not limited to:

Proof theory: 
Natural Deduction and Sequent Calculi, Cut elimination and
Normalization, Computational interpretations of Classical Logic, 
Linear Logic and Proof Nets, Bounded systems capturing complexity

Denotational semantics, Operational semantics, Game  semantics,
Realizability, Categorical models, Logical Relations, Full Completeness

Abstract machines, Parallel execution, Optimal Reduction

Polymorphism, Dependent types, Intersection types, Subtypes

Logical Foundations:
Logical Frameworks, Pure Type Systems, Proof checking

Foundational aspects of: Functional programming, Proof search and logic
programming, Connections between and combinations of functional and
logic programming, Type checking, Higher-order rewriting, Higher-order
unification and matching

Important Dates

Deadline for Submissions:   October 9, 2000
Notification to Authors:    December 18, 2000
Final Versions due:         February 1, 2001

The accepted papers will be published as a volume of the Springer
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Information about LNCS can be found

Submission Guidelines

Papers should not exceed 15 standard A4 or US quarto pages, and should
allow the Programme Committee to assess the merits of the work: in
particular, references and comparisons with related work should be
included. Submission of material already published or submitted to other
conferences with published proceedings is not allowed.
If available, e-mail addresses and fax numbers of the authors should be

Electronic submissions

Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged. A gzipped Postscript
version of the paper should be sent as an e-mail message to:

In addition, the following information in ASCII format should be 
sent to this address in a **separate** e-mail: Title; authors; 
communicating author's name, address, and e-mail address and 
fax number if available; abstract of paper.

Hard-copy submissions

If electronic submission is not possible, authors may submit five (5)
hard copies of the paper by post to the following address:

   TLCA 2001
   (Attention: S. Abramsky)
   Oxford University Computing Laboratory
   Wolfson Building
   Parks Road
   OX1 3QD
   United Kingdom

Questions concerning submissions

These should be addressed to the Program Chair, Samson Abramsky:

Program Committee

S. Abramsky (Edinburgh) (chair)
P.-L. Curien (Paris)
P. Dybjer (Goteborg)
T. Ehrhard (Marseille)
M. Hasegawa (Kyoto)
F. Honsell (Udine)
D. Leivant (Bloomington)
S. Ronchi della Rocca (Turin)
H. Schwichtenberg (Munich)
P. Scott (Ottawa)
J. Tiuryn (Warsaw)

Organizing Committee

M. Zaionc  (chair)
P. Urzyczyn

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