Summer School on Generic Programming: early reg deadline 17th May

A reminder: the early registration deadline for the Summer
School on Generic Programming is Friday 17th May.



Summer School and Workshop on Generic Programming
           St Anne's College, Oxford, UK
              26th to 30th August 2002

                 In conjunction with
Summer School and Workshop on Advanced Functional Programming

This school is a successor to the Summer School and Workshop on
Algebraic and Coalgebraic Methods in the Mathematics of Program
Construction, held in Oxford in April 2000 and with lecture notes
shortly to appear as LNCS 2297.  For this school we have recruited
an excellent group of lecturers on generic programming, that is,
the construction of programs that work on different datatypes
and yet may exploit the structure of that data.

************         Lecturers        ************

* Roland Backhouse (University of Nottingham):
     A Generic Theory of Datatypes
* Peter Buneman (University of Edinburgh):
     Semi-Structured Data
* Roy Crole (University of Leicester):
     Categories and Types
* Jose Luiz Fiadeiro (University of Lisbon and ATX Software):
     Theory and Practice of Software Architecture
* Ralf Hinze (University of Bonn) and Johan Jeuring (University of Utrecht):
     Generic Haskell
* Martin Odersky (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne):
     Object-Oriented and Functional Approaches to Compositional Programming

************         Deadlines         ************

For registration with an early-bird discount:
   17th May 2002

For late registration:
   12th July 2002

************         Organizers         ************

Roland Backhouse (University of Nottingham)
Jeremy Gibbons (University of Oxford)

************     Further information    ************

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Email:      ssgp-info@comlab.ox.ac.uk
Post:       SSGP, c/o Jane Ellory, Oxford University Computing Laboratory,
            Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD, United Kingdom.
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