Advanced Functional Programming: early registration one week away.

The early registration deadline for the AFP school is May 17.

-- Johan Jeuring

Summer School and Workshop on
Advanced Functional Programming


St Anne's College, Oxford
19th to 24th August 2002


In this school we want to bring computer scientists, in particular young 
researchers and programmers, up to date with the latest advanced 
functional programming techniques. We do this by using advanced 
functional programming techniques in "programming in the real world". 
Thus we hope to bridge the gap between results presented at programming 
conferences and material from introductory textbooks on functional 

This is the fourth advanced functional programming school. The previous 
schools were held in Bastad (Sweden, LNCS 925), Olympia (Washington, 
USA, LNCS 1129), and Braga (Portugal, LNCS 1608). Each of these schools 
was considered an interesting and great experience by almost all 

There will be a number of in depth lectures about advanced functional 
programming techniques, taught by the experts in the field. Lectures are 
aimed especially at showing new programming techniques, introducing new 
language constructs, and presenting interesting application areas. 
Another important goal is to provide that kind of information which 
enables participants to use functional programming in their daily life, 
after returning from the school.á

The lectures are accompanied by practical problems to be solved by the 
participants at the school: the school emphasises learning by doing.

We expect that the ancient university town Oxford will add an extra 
dimension to the school.


Richard Bird and Jeremy Gibbons (University of Oxford):
Arithmetic Coding with Folds and Unfolds

Manuel Chakravarty (University of New South Wales):
Fast Arrays in Haskell

Matthias Felleisen (Northeastern University, Boston):
Developing Interactive Web Programs in DrScheme

CÚdric Fournet (Microsoft Research) and Fabrice Le Fessant (INRIA 
Jocaml3, a Language for Concurrent, Distributed and Mobile Programming

Paul Hudak (Yale University):
Robots, Arrows and Functional Reactive Programming

Koen Claessen (Chalmers University of Technology) and Colin Runciman 
(University of York):
Testing and Tracing Lazy Functional Programs

Philip Wadler (Avaya Labs):
XQuery: A Typed Functional Language for Querying XML