Job in Munich Germany

Prof. Mitchell Wand suggested that I submit to this list -- I am a big fan
of the VLisp project.

I work for a consulting firm working with HypoVereinsbank in Munich Germany.
I extend existing equity derivative systems. I have been asked to find
someone to work with me. This job requires relocation to Munich. German
language skills are absolutely unnecessary. You must have citizenship that
allows you to easily get a work permit (e.g. EU, American, Israeli,
Australian, ...).

We expect, in the next year, to do interesting work with parallel
programming and partial evaluation (and likely CAML).

The legacy product is in the process of being extended so that we can
control it via Lisp and other similar dynamic languages. The new projects
will likely be independent of the legacy system, and mostly written in
Common Lisp.

This job requires a lot rigorous methods (e.g. program transformation),
abstract thinking and problem solving, working with other systems (e.g.
Excel, legacy systems), and lots of hacking. Much of the existing code is

This is a very unique and challenging job -- a very stimulating and
rewarding one -- for someone who likes programming and computation. In order
to do our job (e.g. help traders make money) we must use advanced techniques
in difficult environment.

We have an ad at www.franz.com.

If you are interested, please send me information about yourself: