Call for Post PhD Grant Applications

      Call for Post PhD Grant Applications

The PhD School (Graduiertenkolleg) ``Logik in der Informatik'' at 
Munich invites qualified individuals for Post-PhD grants.  The 
closing date for applications is February 28th, 2003.  Preferred
start date is April 2003.  This research grant is limited up to 
two years.

The PhD school is a joint research programme of the 
Ludwig-Maximilians-University, the Technical University of Munich 
and the Centre for Information and Language Processing in 
association with Siemens AG.

Participating professors are Manfred Broy, Francois Bry, Wilfried
Buchholz, Wolfram Büttner, Martin Hofmann, Fred Kröger, 
Tobias Nipkow, Hans-Jürgen Ohlbach, Klaus Schulz, Helmut 
Schwichtenberg, and Martin Wirsing.

The areas of research cover

 * Logical foundations, lambda-calculus, equational logic, temporal
   logic, model checking, logic-based knowledge-representation, minimal
   implication, non-monotonic reasoning. (Bry, Buchholz, Büttner,
   Hofmann, Kröger, Nipkow, Schulz, Schwichtenberg)

 * Theorem provers using (higher order) equational theories,
   combination of theorem provers with special techniques, applications
   for knowledge processing. (Bry, Buchholz, Nipkow, Ohlbach, Schulz,

 * Modelling knowledge-based and distributed systems, model checking.
   (Broy, Bry, Büttner, Hofmann, Kröger, Wirsing)

 * Semantics and logic for programs and programming languages, 
   particularly resource management and object-oriented programming.
   (Broy, Hofmann, Kröger, Nipkow, Wirsing)

 * Foundations of software-engineering, modularisation and reuse of
   programs, use of calculi for design and optimisation of programs,
   program systems and circuits. (Broy, Büttner, Wirsing)

 * Applications, realisations and practicability studies, 
   particularly in the domain of paradigms of logical programming.
   (Broy, Bry, Hofmann, Ohlbach, Wirsing) 

Applications should contain: Curriculum vitae, a copy of the PhD
thesis, scientific publications, description of a research project,
and advisory reports from two university teachers.

Please send your application to
   Logik in der Informatik
   Mathematisches Institut der
   Theresienstr. 39
   80333 München
Further information can be obtained from
   Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwichtenberg
   Tel: +49 89 2180 4413
   Fax: +49 89 2180 4038

and from the website 


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