International Masters Programme in COMPUTATIONAL LOGIC

International Masters Programme in COMPUTATIONAL LOGIC

The Technische Universitaet Dresden is offering a two-year study
programme, in English, leading to a master of science (M.Sc.) in
computer science.

Courses focus on logic and constraint programming, artificial
intelligence, knowledge representation and reasoning, type theory, model
theory, proof theory, equational reasoning, databases, natural language
processing, planning and formal methods, among others.

The tuition fees are waived.  At the end of the programme a research
master thesis has to be prepared.

Prerequisites are a good knowledge of the basics of logic, and
familiarity with mathematical reasoning.  Knowledge of foundations of
artificial intelligence and logic programming is desirable.  It is
indispensable being fluent in English; German is not necessary at all,
but there are facilities for studying it if desired.  A bachelor in
Computer Science, or equivalent degree, is required by the beginning of
courses, in October 2003.

Dresden, on the river Elbe, is one of the most important art cities of
Germany.  The economy is growing rapidly and Dresden is a top high-tech
centre.  AMD built the most modern chip factory in Europe, Infineon
Technologies, Siemens and many other companies invest here.  The
possibilities of getting a job after the master are excellent.  The
University is very well equipped and the teachers/students ratio is
close to 1.  International contacts make it easy for interested students
to continue pursuing a career in research.

Deadline for applications is June 15, 2003, but applications are
processed as they come.  To apply, please send all the relevant
documents by post to the address below.  Further information is on the
web at <http://www.cl.inf.tu-dresden.de/compulog/>.  Paper information
material is available on request.

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Artificial Intelligence Institute, Department of Computer Science
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