LICS 2003 Call for Short Presentations

****************  Submission Deadline is MARCH 21, 2003 *********************

		 Eighteenth Annual IEEE Symposium on
               June  22nd - 25th, 2003, Ottawa, Canada


The LICS Symposium is an annual international forum on theoretical and
practical topics in computer science that relate to logic in a broad
sense. LICS 2003 will take place in Ottawa, Canada, June 22-25, 2003
and will feature invited talks, invited tutorials, and presentations
of papers that will appear in the LICS 2003 proceedings. 
In addition, LICS 2003 will have a session of short (5-10 minutes)
presentations. This session is intended for descriptions of work in
progress, student projects, and relevant research being published
elsewhere; other brief communications may be acceptable. 

Submissions for these presentations, in the form of short abstracts 
(1 or 2 pages long), should be entered by following the 
"Instructions for short presentations" link at the LICS 2003 website 

between March 17th and March 21st, 2003. Authors will be notified of 
acceptance or rejection by April 4th, 2003.

Suggested, but not exclusive, topics of interest for submissions
include: automata theory, automated deduction, categorical models and
logics, concurrency and distributed computation, constraint
programming, constructive mathematics, database theory, domain theory,
finite model theory, formal aspects of program analysis, formal
methods, hybrid systems, lambda and combinatory calculi, linear logic,
logical aspects of computational complexity, logics in artificial
intelligence, logics of programs, logic programming, modal and
temporal logics, model checking, programming language semantics,
reasoning about security, rewriting, specifications, type systems and
type theory, and verification.

Program Chair:

Phokion G. Kolaitis
Computer Science Department
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA 95064, USA
Email: kolaitis@cs.ucsc.edu
Phone: + 1 831 459 4768
Fax:   + 1 831 459 4829

Program Committee:

Michael Benedikt, Bell Laboratories
Andreas R. Blass, University of Michigan
Maria Luisa Bonet, UPC, Barcelona
Witold Charatonik, University of Wroclaw
Marcelo Fiore, University of Cambridge
Giorgio Ghelli, Universita di Pisa
Thomas A. Henzinger, UC Berkeley
Alan Jeffrey, DePaul University
Assaf J. Kfoury, Boston University
Phokion G. Kolaitis, UC Santa Cruz
Orna Kupferman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Ursula Martin, University of St Andrews
Paul-Andre Mellies, CNRS & University of Paris 7
Eugenio Moggi, Universita di Genova
Ugo Montanari, Universita di Pisa
Paliath Narendran, University at Albany SUNY
Luke Ong, University of Oxford  & National University of Singapore
Martin Otto, University of Wales Swansea
Frank Pfenning, Carnegie Mellon University
Mirek Truszczynski, University of Kentucky