CONCUR 2004 -- Call for Workshop Proposals

[[ This call is relevant to the TYPES readers, because of the
   increasing role of type theories in concurrent and mobile
   systems                                             jr vs ]]

   {                 CALL FOR WORKSHOPS                    }
   {                                                       }
   {                C O N C U R   2 0 0 4                  }
   {            London, 31st Aug -- 3rd Sep 2004           }
   {                                                       }

This is an invitation to researchers and practitioners to submit
proposals for workshops in connection with CONCUR 2004, that is 
to be held in London, UK in the period 31st Aug-3rd Sep 2004.

Meeting areas for one-day workshops will be available on
Monday, 30th Aug, and Saturday, 4th Sep.


The purpose of the CONCUR conferences is to bring together
researchers, developers and students in order to advance the theory of
concurrency, and promote its applications. Typical topics of the
CONCUR conferences are all areas of semantics, logics and verification
techniques for concurrent systems. You can see the program of past
CONCUR conferences at the following addresses: 

CONCUR 2003  France, Marseille http://concur03.univ-mrs.fr

CONCUR 2002, Czech Republic, Brno http://www.fi.muni.cz/concur2002

CONCUR 2001, Denmark, Aalborg http://concur01.cs.auc.dk/index1a.html


Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit proposals for
workshops which focus on modern or emerging research topics related to
concurrency theory and its applications. Proposals that promise to
bring new topics into CONCUR, of both practical and theoretical
importance, or that provide a forum for more detailed discussion of
central topics of continuing importance are welcome.

Accepted workshops proposals will be included in the conference
program and advertised in CONCUR's call for participation.



Workshops will be held before and after the conference, that is, on
Mon 30th Aug, 2004 and Sat 3rd Sep 2004.


Workshop proposals should consist of two parts:

(1) A short scientific justification of the proposed topic, its
    scope and significance, and the particular benefits of the
    proposed workshop.

(2) Organizational details, which should include:

  (2.1) list of all organizers
  (2.2) address, email, phone, and fax, of a single contact
  (2.3) proposed format and agenda of the workshop, including
        duration and preferred period (pre- or post-CONCUR)
  (2.4) expected number of participants
  (2.5) character of the workshop (formal/informal, via
  (2.6) plans for invited speakers, for proceedings or other
	publications, or for demo sessions (if any).

Proposals should be addressed by electronic mail at the coordinators'
addresses: {julianr,vs}@susx.ac.uk, preferably in ASCII, with Subject:


Responsibilities of the workshop organizers:

The individual workshop organizers will be responsible for:

  * producing a "Call for Papers" for their workshop and
    posting it via various electronic lists or other means.
  * providing a brief description of the workshop for the
    conference program.
  * scheduling workshop activities in collaboration with the
    local organizers and the workshop chair.
  * making the accepted papers available to the workshop
  * finding funding arrangements for their invited speakers.

Workshop coordinators:

All questions and inquiries can be sent to:

Julian Rathke and Vladimiro Sassone
Dept. Informatics
University of Sussex
Mail:  {julianr,vs}@susx.ac.uk