How do I install MediaWiki?

CETS also offers PmWiki. If you are unsure which to choose, please visit the "How do I set up a wiki?" article.

  1. Make sure CGI is enabled on Fling or Alliance for the account where you want to install MediaWiki. Visit the CGI Request Form if you do not yet have CGI enabled.
  2. Once you have CGI enabled, connect to your Eniac account via the command line.
  3. Run the following command to install MediaWiki:
    Note: If you have a wiki directory in your html directory already, you will need to either move it aside or delete it completely before installing MediaWiki.
  4. Once the script has finished running, go to one of the following URLs to finish the wiki installation. If you have CGI installed on Alliance, go to this URL:
    Where "your-account" is your SEAS account name. If you have CGI installed on Fling, go to this URL:
    Where "your-account" is your SEAS account name. For example, if you have CGI enabled for your "victor" account on Fling, you would go to this URL:
  5. Enter the "Site Config" fields as you see fit.
  6. Under "Database Config" choose SQLite as your Database Type and put in a password for the database (you can leave the name as-is). In the "SQLite data directory" field put:
    Change "u" to the first letter in your username and "user" to your username, eg:
  7. After submitting this information, follow any remaining instructions, including moving and chmoding your "LocalSettings.php" file. Go to your wiki directory and run the following commands:
    mv config/LocalSettings.php LocalSettings.php
    chmod 700 LocalSettings.php
  8. Your wiki should now be installed. Note that you will need to create accounts for your users before they can edit pages. If you have any questions, please contact CETS.


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