CIT 592 Lecture Schedule (Fall 2015)

The content of the course will not be too different from previous year, but the order of topics will be switched around a bit.

This course is math heavy (as the name should suggest), so I strongly recommend reading the first few pages of How to Solve It by Polya. The book is a classic and often when you are stuck with seemingly no clue about how to solve a homework/exam question, going back to the basics of problem solving can prove to be very helpful.

In terms of how deep we go into topics in this course here are some previous exams. If you are wondering whether you know the material or not, these should help. Please note that while some of the questions might be tough, if you feel like you know 75% of the course, you should really consider waiving the course.

In previous years the website has been the place for following along with the course. This year (Fall 2015), we are transferring all the material to canvas.

To find the different aspects of the course, here is the short list of places (boht virtual and real) that you need to visit

  • Discussion board and/or announcements - Piazza
  • Assignments/Grades/Lecture notes/Book readings - Canvas
  • Textbook -
  • Lectures - Berger Audi on Tue and Towne 313 on Thu
  • Recitation - Towne 313 on Tue