Rahul Manghram UPenn Mangharam
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Doctoral Candidates

Paul Gurniak Real-Time Parallel Computing
Madhur Behl Sensing, Modeling and Control for Energy-Efficeint Buildings
Willy G. Bernal Scheduling and Control for Demand Response in Buildings
Yash V. Pant Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems
Zhihao Jiang High Confidence Medical Device Software and Systems


Postdoctoral Fellows

Truong X. Nghiem Scheduling and Control Theory for CPS


Masters Students

Abhijeet Mulay ZipCare Wearable Heart Monitoring Patch.
Tao Li Traffic Scheduling Scheduling for Philadelphia
Harsh Jain Wireless Control for Industrial Automation and Electric Vehicle Controls. Winner of Honeywell Wireless Control Automation Award, 2011. 3rd Prize in World Embedded Programming Competition, Korea. 2012. Distinguished Recognition Award in Intel/Cornell Embedded Systems Cup 2013.
Rajib Dutta ZipCare Wearable Heart Monitoring Patch
Praveen Pitchai, Rajeev Kumar, Shashidhar Reddy Cloud-based CableTV Set-top Box of the Future (in collaboration with Comcast)
Neel Shah En-Route 2.0 Energy Router Test-bed for Energy Efficient Buildings


Undergradaute Students

Aadithya Prakash ZipCare: Wearable Heart Monitoring Patch
Parth Patel ProtoDrive: Electric Vehicle Prototyping Platform
Alfredo Muniz ProtoDrive: Electric Vehicle Prototyping Platform
Tanvir Ahmed Cloud-based CableTV Set-top Bo of the Future