Workshop on Swarming in Natural and Engineered Systems
Napa Valley, California
August 3-4, 2005

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The workshop brings together experts in artificial intelligence, control theory, robotics, systems engineering and biology with the goal of understanding swarming behaviors in nature and applications of biologically-inspired models of swarm behaviors to large networked groups of autonomous vehicles. We are specifically interested in developing a framework and methodology for the analysis of swarming behavior in biology and the synthesis of bio-inspired swarming behavior for engineered systems. We will be interested in such questions as: Can large numbers of autonomously functioning vehicles be reliably deployed in the form of a "swarm" to carry out a prescribed mission and to respond as a group to high-level management commands? Can such a group successfully function in a potentially hostile environment, without a designated leader, with limited communications between its members, and/or with different and potentially dynamically changing "roles" for its members? What can we learn about how to organize these teams from biological groupings such as insect swarms, bird flocks, and fish schools? Is there a hierarchy of "compatible" models appropriate to swarming/schooling/flocking which is rich enough to explain these behaviors at various "resolutions" ranging from aggregate characterizations of emergent behavior to detailed descriptions which model individual vehicle dynamics? The workshop will feature oral presentations and posters over a two-day period addressing these questions and other issues that are fundamental to understanding and realizing group behavior.


Abed, Eyad H.   University of Maryland 
Adams, Eldridge   University of Connecticut 
Adler, Fred   University of Utah 
Anderson, Brian   Australian National University  
Anderson, Gary   Army   
Balch, Tucker   Georgia Institute of Technology  
Banda, Siva   AFRL   
Baras, John S.   University of Maryland  
Belta, Calin   Boston University 
Berman, Spring    University of Pennsylvania 
Bertozzi, Andrea   University of California, Los Angeles  
Bullo, Francesco   University of California, Santa Barbara 
Chung, Hoam   University of California, Berkeley
Cox, Steven   ONR   
Egerstedt, Magnus   Georgia Institute of Technology  
Eklund, J. Mikael    University of California, Berkeley
Erignac, Charles   Boeing    
Evers, Johnny   AFRL     
Fainekos, Georgios   University of Pennsylvania  
Fierro, Rafael   Oklahoma State University      
Frazzoli, Emilio   University of California, Los Angeles 
Gage, Doug   XPM Technologies    
Garg, Dev   Duke University   
Grunbaum, Daniel   University of Washington 
Huzmezan, Mihai   United Technologies research Center (UTRC)
Hyunchul Shim, David   University of California, Berkeley
Hsieh, Ani    University of Pennsylvania  
Jadbabaie, Ali   University of Pennsylvania 
Klavins, Eric   University of Washington   
Koditschek, Daniel E.   University of Pennsylvania  
Krishnaprasad, P.S.   University of Maryland
Kumar, Vijay   University of Pennsylvania
Lynch, Kevin   Northwestern University   
Mesbahi, Mehran   University of Washington
Michael, Nathan   University of Pennsylvania
Moehlis, Jeff   University of California, Santa Barbara
Moore, David C.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Moshtagh, Nima   University of Pennsylvania
Morse, A. Stephen   Yale University
Moshfegh, Allen   DARPA
Motee, Nader   University of Pennsylvania
Overholt, Jim   TACOM
Paley, Derek   Princeton University
Pappas, George   University of Pennsylvania
Parrish, Julia   University of Washington
Passino, Kevin   Ohio State University
Prandini, Maria   Politecnico of Milano, Italy
Pratt, Stephen   Princeton University
Rus, Daniela   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sastry, S. Shankar   University of California, Berkeley
Sengupta, Raja   University of California, Berkeley
Skelly, David   Yale University
Steinberg, Marc   ONR
Sukhatme, Gaurav   University of Southern California
Sultan, Cornel   United Technologies research Center (UTRC)
Swinson, Mark   ARO
Tanner, Herbert   University of New Mexico
Tilbury, Dawn   University of Michigan
Weiss, Ron   Princeton University
Wilkerson, Drew    ARL
Zachery, Randy   ARO
Zavlanos, Michael   University of Pennsylvania
Zhang, Fumin   Princeton University


The workshop will be held from on August 3-4, 2005 and will feature presentations and posters. A detailed schedule is available here.

Each oral presentation will be 25 minutes long, including 5 minutes for questions. Posters can be at most 4 feet high and 3 feet wide. Each poster presenter will have an easel with two arms for support. Presenters are encouraged to mount their posters on a foam core. It may be easiest for you to electronically transmit your file to Fryes Printing  or to  Kinko's (phone: (707) 226-7722; email: and pick it up on your arrival at Napa.


A block of room has been reserved at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Napa, California. You must call 1-800-362-2779 or 707-253-9540 ext.40. or go online to make reservations by July 5, 2005 in order to be guaranteed a room. Please say you are with the "SWARM" Conference and use the 3 letter conference code of "SWA" if you go online. Because this is a busy time in Napa, the hotel will not take cancellations after July 5 and your credit card will be charged. If you need rooms on nights other than Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night, please contact Mona Lisa in reservations at 707-253-9540 ext. 1002 during business hours in Napa.


A registration fee of $100 will be charged on site to defray meals costs. Personal checks are preferred. No credit cards can be accepted.


Ali Jadbabaie, Vijay Kumar and George Pappas, University of Pennsylvania.

Steering Committee

Francesco Bullo, University of California, Santa Barbara
Ali Jadbabaie, University of Pennsylvania
Daniel E. Koditschek, University of Pennsylvania
Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania
A. Stephen Morse, Yale University
George Pappas, University of Pennsylvania
Daniela Rus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
S. Shankar Sastry, University of California, Berkeley
David Skelly, Yale University


There are tentative plans to approach Springer Verlag to publish a collection of papers as a sequel to the Block Island Workshop on Cooperative Control.


The workshop is organized with support from the Army Research Office, the ARO Institute of Collaborative Biotechnology and the School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania.



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