[CfC] Semantics of Objects as Processes - SOAP (satellite of ICALP'98)

       C A L L     F O R     C O N T R I B U T I O N S

            |                SOAP               |
            |     International Workshop on     |
            |  Aalborg, Denmark, July 18, 1998  |
            | Held in conjunction with ICALP'98 |
            |         Sponsored by BRICS        |

      -----> http://www.cs.auc.dk/~hans/soap.html <-----


	  Deadline for submission:     May  5, 1998
	  Notification of acceptance:  May 19, 1998



               Martín Abadi, DEC SRC, US
                Hans Hüttel, BRICS, Aalborg, DK 
               Josva Kleist, BRICS, Aalborg, DK 
               Uwe Nestmann, BRICS, Aalborg, DK 


               Uwe Nestmann, BRICS, Aalborg, DK 

=========================== SCOPE ===================================

Within the past couple of years, there has been growing interest in
studying the behavioural properties of object-oriented programs
using concepts and ideas from the world of concurrent process
calculi. This view has proven to be advantageous in many ways for
semantics and verification issues: on one hand, the use of encodings
of object-oriented languages into existing typed mobile process
calculi enables formal reasoning about the correctness of programs; on
the other hand, standard techniques from concurrency theory as well as
specific encodings of objects as processes help in finding appropriate
and mathematically tractable behavioural equivalences on objects.
The one-day SOAP workshop, which is a satellite workshop of ICALP '98,
aims to bring together researchers working in this area.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
 * encodings of object-oriented languages into process calculi
 * reasoning and verification techniques for objects 
   using ideas from concurrency theory 
 * the relationship between models of object-orientation 
   and concurrency 
 * object-like constructs in process calculi 
 * type systems and program logics for objects 
   that exploit ideas from concurrency theory 

==================== SUBMISSION & PUBLICATION ======================= 

Participants, who wish to give a talk, are encouraged to submit an
extended abstract (in PostScript format and not exceeding 5 pages) to


including your name, affiliation and correspondence address.  
Please do also indicate whether you would want to give 

	a _long_  talk (30 minutes) or 
	a _short_ talk (15 minutes). 

The programme committee will subsequently select a number of talks.
If surface mail is used, then three (3) copies of the paper should be
sent to the indicated postal address.

	Uwe Nestmann
	Department of Computer Science
	University of Aalborg
	Fredrik Bajers Vej 7E
	DK-9220 Aalborg Ř

A collection of accepted submissions will be published as a BRICS
report (also electronically) and distributed at the workshop.