visiting fellowships:

	The ULTRA Research Centre  Of Logic and Computation
	in the Department of Computing and Electrical Engineering
	at Heriot-Watt University, in Edinburgh, Scotland


The ULTRA Research Centre Of Logic and Computation will host leaders
and young researchers in any field of Logic and Computation.  We are
offering various postdoctoral and visiting positions ranging between
THREE MONTHS and A YEAR.  We are interested in those researchers who
can contribute to our currently running projects (see 
http://www.cee.hw.ac.uk/ultra/) and in particular to the following two:

1. Efficient Programming in Classical Logic: Professor Fairouz 
   Kamareddine and Dr. Francois Monin.
2. On Type Theory and Term Rewriting for Expressive and Efficient
   Programming Languages: Professor Fairouz Kamareddine and 
   Dr. Joe Wells

In addition to the above projects, two new postdoctoral researchers 
are joining us this september to work on the following projects:

3. The theory and practice of  Explicit rewriting.
4. On the automation of rewrite systems

We are looking for active, energetic and committed people who will
contribute to projects 1,2,3 and 4 above and to our other ultra projects.
The visiting positions are available immediately.

If you are interested, then please write a two page summary saying how
and why you can bring fruits to our institute and how you can fit and
complement the above projects.  Please state how long you intend to
visit us for and what is your plan of work during your visit to us.
We also request a copy of your CV.

Send your requests to either Fairouz Kamareddine or Joe Wells:

Contact Details
             Professor Fairouz Kamareddine or
             Dr Joe Wells
             Heriot-Watt University
             Department of Computing and Electrical Engeneering
             EH14 4ASQ
  E-mail: fairouz@cee.hw.ac.uk or jbw@cee.hw.ac.uk

  Telephone:  +44 131 451 3868 (Fairouz Kamareddine) or
	     +44 131 451 3869 (Joe Wells)

    Fax:    +44 131 451 3327