Jan  Van der Spiegel

Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE)

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Honors and Awards:  IEEE Fellow, EAB Major Educational Innovation Award - 2007, IEEE Third Millennium Medal, Christian and Mary Lindback Foundation Award, S. Reid Warren Award for Distinguished Teaching, NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award

Research Expertise: Microelectonics | VLSI | Sensors

Jan is exploring top-down nanotechnology in order to design intelligent sensors and sensory processing systems. He is primarily engaged in researching analog and digital integrated circuits for intelligent sensors, data acquisition, and sensory data processing systems, and has done considerable work on image sensors that are modeled after the biological vision system. Jan is currently focused on sensors for polarization imaging by combining micro/nano polarizer arrays with CMOS imager technology.

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Affiliations:  UPS Term Chair; Director of the Center for Sensor Technologies

PhD Electrical Engineering 1979 - University of Leuven in Belgium
ME Electro-Mechanics 1974 - University of Leuven in Belgium
Candidate in Engineering 1971 - University of Leuven in Belgium

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