Project 2 Final Report Guidelines:

The final report should be 6 pages in 11pt font. Try to make it look like a published article. You can download the latex format files from here (or any other conference).
Below are some guidelines on how to structure your report (these are just guidelines, feel free to restructure to suit your project’s needs; also, don’t use the title below as your section titles; choose what’s appropriate to your work)

Project 2 Proposal Guidelines:

Please upload the proposal to Canvas; only one member per team should upload the pdf file; please name it in a way the uniquely identifies the team members.
Please submit one page structured as follows:

Needless to say, you should strive to make the project interesting.

Project 1 Guidelines:

This project requires that you reproduce the selected paper's key results, then propose and implement a small but substantial change. The goal is for you to learn to read and understand papers at the software level.
The next steps in this project are as follows:

Presentation Guidelines:

Discussant Guidelines:

Critical Survey Guidelines: