Date Topic Notes Deadlines
Jan 25, 2021 Introduction (Dan Roth) slides pdf
slides ppt
Feb 1, 2021 Introduction (Dan Roth)

Learnability with Indirect Supervision Signals (Kaifu Wang)
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slides pdf
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Feb 8, 2021 Introduction (Dan Roth)

Zero-Shot Relation Extraction via Reading Comprehension (Kevin Xie)
Zero-shot Learning of Classifiers from Natural Language Quantification (Young-Min Cho)
Learning Dependency-Based Compositional Semantics (Krunal Shah)
A Logic-Driven Framework for Consistency of Neural Models (Jiayao Zhang)
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Feb 15, 2021 Introduction (Dan Roth)
An embarrassingly simple approach to zero-shot learning (Shriyash Upadhyay)
A Closer Look at Few-shot Classification (Kaustubh Sridhar)
Partial or Complete, That's The Question (Xingyu Fu)
Neural Cross-Lingual Named Entity Recognition with Minimal Resources (Vivian Lin)



First Critical Survey Due

Feb 22, 2021 Introduction (Dan Roth)
Multi-class Classification without Multi-class Labels (Yuchen Zhang)
A Baseline for Few-Shot Image Classification (Xingfan Jia)
Understanding Self-Training for Gradual Domain Adaptation (Hongrui Zheng)
Mar 1, 2021 Introduction (Dan Roth)
Few-Shot Text Classification with Distributional Signatures (Chaitanya Malaviya)
A Discrete Hard EM Approach for Weakly Supervised Question Answering (Venkata Sai Nikhil Thodupunuri)
Constrained semi-supervised learning using attributes and comparative attributes (Rahul Shekhar)
Mar 8, 2021 Introduction (Dan Roth)
Sentiment Tagging with Partial Labels using Modular Architectures (Lishuo Pan)
Neural Symbolic Machines: Learning Semantic Parsers on Freebase with Weak Supervision (Yahan Yang)
Weakly Supervised Multi-task Learning for Semantic Parsing (Matthew Scharf)
Low-Resource Domain Adaptation for Compositional Task-Oriented Semantic Parsing (Jina Lo)

Second Critical Survey Due

Mar 15, 2021 Project 1 Presentation

Project 1 Paper Submission Deadline

Mar 22, 2021 Introduction (Dan Roth)
Learning Constraints for Structured Prediction Using Rectifier Networks (Ben Zhou)
Structured learning with constrained conditional models (Sebastian Peralta)
Never-Ending Learning (Helen Jin)

Project 2 Proposal Due

Mar 29, 2021 Introduction (Dan Roth)
Design Challenges in Low-resource Cross-lingual Entity Linking (Chunxi Liu)
Weakly Supervised Learning of Nuanced Frames for Analyzing Polarization in News Media (Sihao Chen)
Unsupervised Opinion Summarization with Content Planning (Siyi Liu)

Third Critical Survey Due

Apr 5, 2021 Project 2 Progress Presentation

Project 2 Progress Report and Brief Presentation

Apr 12, 2021 No Class Engagement Day
Apr 19, 2021 Introduction (Dan Roth)
Aligning books and movies: Towards story-like visual explanations by watching movies and reading books (Varun Ramakrishnan)
VQA with No Questions-Answers Training (Kailin Zheng)
Concept Grounding to Multiple Knowledge Bases via Indirect Supervision(Xiaodong Yu)

Fourth Critical Survey Due

Apr 26, 2021 Project 2 Final Presentation

Project 2 Final Presentation

May 5, 2021

Project 2 Due