About Me

I’m a Visiting Assistant Professor at Bryn Mawr College. I graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania in December 2023 advised by Professor Mayur Naik. I received my B.S. in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2018. I work on synergies between program reasoning tools and neural models for software engineering tasks.
[Research Statement]


Program Structure Aware Precondition Generation [Under Review]
Elizabeth Dinella, Shuvendu K. Lahiri, Mayur Naik.

TOGA: A Neural Method for Test Oracle Generation
Elizabeth Dinella*, Gabriel Ryan*, Todd Mytkowicz, Shuvendu K. Lahiri.
ICSE 2022 (Distinguished Paper Award)
Artifact | Repo

DeepMerge: Learning to Merge Programs
Elizabeth Dinella, Todd Mytkowicz, Alexey Svyatkovskiy, Christian Bird, Mayur Naik, Shuvendu K. Lahiri.
TSE 2022 & FSE 2022 - Journal First | Talk

MergeBERT: Program Merge Conflict Resolution via Neural Transformers
Alexey Svyatkovskiy, Todd Mytkowicz, Negar Ghorbani, Sarah Fakhoury, Elizabeth Dinella, Christian Bird, Neel Sundaresan, Shuvendu K. Lahiri.
FSE 2022

Hoppity: Learning Graph Transformations to Detect and Fix Bugs in Programs
Elizabeth Dinella*, Hanjun Dai*, Ziyang Li, Mayur Naik, Le Song, Ke Wang.
ICLR 2020 (Spotlight) | Talk

Building Program Reasoning Tools using LLVM and Z3
Elizabeth Dinella, Pardis Pashakhanloo, Anthony Canino, Mayur Naik.
POPL 2020 Tutorial

Program Analysis Tools in Automated Grading of Homework Assignments
Elizabeth Dinella, Samuel Breese, Evan Maicus, Barbara Cutler, Buster Holzbauer, Ana Milanova
SIGCSE 2018 Poster

Supporting Team Submission and Peer Grading within Submitty
Matthew Peveler, Samuel Breese, Evan Maicus, Andrew Aikens, Timothy Cyrus, Elizabeth Dinella, James Anderson, Joshua Barthelmess, Marisa Lee, Leon Montealegre, Jessica Wang, Buster Holzbauer, Barbara Cutler, Ana Milanova
SIGCSE 2018 Demo



University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA - December 2023
PhD in Computer Science

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY - May 2018
B.S. in Computer Science, Summa Cum Laude


Google Student Researcher
June 2023 to Present
Mentors: Satish Chandra, Petros Maniatis

Microsoft Research: Research Intern - RiSE Group
May 2021 to August 2021
June 2020 to August 2020
Mentors: Shuvendu Lahiri, Todd Mytkowicz, Christian Bird

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Researcher
Troy, NY - January 2017 to May 2018
A Common AST for Multi-Language Analysis on Submitty
Advisor: Ana Milanova

Microsoft: Typescript Team Intern
Redmond, WA - May 2018 to August 2018
Designed and implemented a pattern based refactoring tool for Visual Studio Code. Automatically refactors functions that return Promise chains of .then() and .catch() calls to async functions that leverage the await keyword.

Invited Talks

University of Pennsylvania CIS2330: Introduction to Blockchain
Smart Contract Program Analysis | April 2023 | Slides | Video

Dagstuhl: Programming Language Processing Seminar
Synthesizing Correctness Properties | February 2023 | Slides

Seattle University CPSC 5910: Blockchain Security
Smart Contract Program Analysis | November 2022 | Slides

Automated Software Testing: Bridging The Gap With Deep Learning | June 2022 | Slides

GCM Keynote - Workshop on Graph Computational Models
Graph Representations in Traditional and Neural Program Analysis | July 2022 | Slides

UCSC - Languages, Systems, and Data Seminar
Data Driven Program Merge | October 2021 | Slides

SIAM CSE - Minisymposium: Data-Driven Analysis of Scientific Software Quality, Availability, and Development Productivity
March 2021 | Slides

Hoppity: Learning Graph Transformations to Detect and Fix Bugs in Programs
June 2020


Outstanding Teaching Award (2023)
Awarded to a PhD student who has demonstrated significant contributions as a teaching assistant in one or more courses.

CIS 233 Graduate Teaching Assistant
University of Pennsylvania - Introduction to Blockchain

CIS 700 Head Teaching Assistant
University of Pennsylvania - Web3 Security

CIS 547 / CIS 573 Graduate Teaching Assistant
University of Pennsylvania - Software Analysis & Testing

Undergraduate Programming Mentor
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Data Structures (CS 1200), Computer Science 1 (CS 1100)


MAPS Symposium on Machine Programming @ FSE 2024
Program Committee

MSR Industry Track @ICSE 2023
Program Committee

MSR Mining Challenge @ICSE 2021
Program Committee

NLP4Prog @EACL 2021
Program Committee