Ph.D., 1989, M.S., 1983 (Computer Science), Columbia University.
A.B., 1981 (Mathematics), Magna Cum Laude, Boston College.

Positions Held:
9/89 to present - Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania, Olga and Alberico Pompa Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, February, 2003-present; Professor of CIS, July, 1999-present; Associate Professor July, 1995-July, 1999; (Assistant Professor 1989-July, 1995). Developed new protocol design paradigms in the ``Protocol Boosters'' project, and led the SwitchWare active networking effort, centered on the design of secure, high-performance programmable network infrastructures, based on a ``Store-Translate-and-Forward'' packet-switching model. Developed new hardware and operating systems support for gigabit networking as part of the AURORA gigabit testbed project at the University of Pennsylvania. On sabbatical at Cambridge University Computer Laboratory Spring-Summer 1997.
1/04 to 8/06 - Program Manager, Information Processing Technology Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Creation (SAPIENT, ACERT, BOSS) & management (QuIST, DQW) of exploratory research programs in computer and communications systems. Awarded OSD Medal for Exceptional Public Service August 2006.
1/84 to 9/89 - Bell Communications Research, Member of the Technical Staff.
9/81 to 1/84 - Bell Telephone Laboratories, Member of the Technical Staff.

Professional Memberships:
IEEE (Fellow), ACM, Sigma Xi (1987; student 1981).

Selected Professional Service:
Editor, ACM/IEEE Transactions on Networking 1992-1998, IEEE Transactions on Communications (Experimental Networks and Applications) 1991-1993, ACM SIGCOMM Conference Program Committee, 1990-1995,1999,2001 (co-chair 1998), Advisory Committees for NSF and FTC, National Research Council briefer and study member, PCAST TAG on Networking and IT, 2006-.

Selected Publications:
[1] Active Networking: One View of the Past, Present and Future, J. M. Smith and S. M. Nettles, in IEEE Trans. Systems, Man and Cybernetics: Part C, 34(1), Feb. 2004, pp. 4-18.
[2] Balancing Performance and Flexibility with Hardware Support for Network Architectures, I. Hadzic and J. M. Smith, ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, 21(4), Nov. 2003, pp. 375-411.
[3] Protocol Boosters, D. C. Feldmeier, A. J. McAuley, J. M. Smith, D. S. Bakin, W. S. Marcus and T. M. Raleigh, in IEEE Journal Sel. Areas Comm., 16(3), April 1998, pp. 437-444.
[4] Active Bridging, D. S. Alexander, M. S. Shaw, S. M. Nettles and J. M. Smith, in Proc. ACM SIGCOMM, Cannes, FR, 1997, pp. 101-111.
[5] Design, Implementation and Experiences of the OMEGA End-Point Architecture, K. Nahrstedt and J. M. Smith, in IEEE Journal Sel. Areas Comm., 14(7), Sept. 1996, pp. 1263-1279.
[6] Hardware/Software Organization of a High-Performance ATM Host Interface, C. B. S. Traw and J. M. Smith, in IEEE Journal Sel. Areas Comm., 11(2), Feb. 1993, pp. 240-253.

Selected U.S. Patents:
6,185,678, Secure and Reliable Bootstrap Architecture, Arbaugh, Farber, Keromytis, Smith;
5,329,623, Apparatus for Providing Cryptographic Support in a Network, Smith, Traw, Farber.

Ph.D.s in Research Positions:
S. Ioannidis, 2005, (PostDoc, Stevens Institute of Technology); A. D. Keromytis, 2001, (Assoc. Prof., Columbia Univ.); W. A. Arbaugh, 1999, (Assoc. Prof., U. Maryland, College Park); J. S. Shapiro, 1999, (Asst. Prof., Johns Hopkins Univ.); I. Hadzic, (EE), 1999, (Lucent/Bell Labs); S. K. Udani, 1999, (Verizon Research); D. S. Alexander, 1998 (Telcordia Technologies); K. Nahrstedt, 1995 (Ralph and Catherine V. Fisher Professor, U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign); C. B. S. Traw, 1995 (Intel Corporation, Intel Fellow).