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Instrumentation / Laboratory

Established in 1996, the Institute for Medicine and Engineering (IME) at the University of Pennsylvania has a 10,000 sq.ft. laboratory facility that occupies the first floor of the Roy and Diana Vagelos Research Laboratories. The IME Laboratory Space contains several shared facilities including tissue culture laboratories, a microscopy core, darkroom, cold rooms, radioisotope facilities, environmental rooms, autoclave and automated glassware washing.

The Assay Development/HTS CORE includes:

  • multiple inverted microscopes (cooled CCD cameras)
  • dual excitation/dual emission fluorimeter (SLM)
  • whole plate scanning (Alpha Innotech; 15 um resolution scanner)
  • high resolution 4 um plate scanner (Alpha Inotech)
  • Biomek 2000
  • PerkinElmer MultiProbe II liquid handling system
  • PerkinElmer Evolution P3 Pipetting Platform
  • PerkinElmer Envision 2102 Multilabel Reader
  • Inverted Zeiss Axiovert 135 (DIC/epifluorescence)
  • ThermoElectron Multidrops
  • FUJI Imager
  • Kodak high speed (600 frame/sec) digital imaging system
  • FluoroSkan fluorescence plate reader
  • SLM fluorimeter
  • Beckman DU-70 spectrophotometer
  • Coulter Counter and 256-bin channelyzer
  • Biotek 96-well plate reader
  • ThermoElectron CRS CataLyst 5 robot arm

ThermoElectron CRS CataLyst 5 Robot Arm


The HTS CORE is also supported by the Penn Proteomics Institute:

  • Amersham Biosciences Ettan DIGE system
  • Applied Biosystems Voyager-DE Pro
  • Applied Biosystems 4700
  • Applied Biosystems Q-Star Pulsar
  • Thermo Finnigan LCQ Deca
  • Thermo Finnigan LTQ-FT
  • Advion NanoMate
  • Thermo Finnigan TSQ7000
  • Applied Biosystems API4000
  • Thermo Finnigan LTQ
  • Thermo Finnigan LCQ




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