University of Pennsylvania · Department of Bioengineering

Lab Members

Research Assistant Professor
Zhiliang Cheng, Ph.D

Post-Doctoral Researchers
Ching-Hui Huang, Ph.D
Kido Nwe, Ph.D
Yang Song, Ph.D
Xuemei Zhang, Ph.D
Graduate Students
James Hui
Casey McQuade
Robert Warden
Ajlan Al Zaki
Radiology Residents
Joel Stein
Lab Alumni

Zhiliang Cheng, Ph.D

Research Assistant Professor, 2012 - Present
Email: zcheng AT


Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R. China
Ph.D, Department of Chemistry, 2002

Anhui Normal University, P.R. China
B.S., Department of Chemistry, 1996

Work Experience

University of Pennsylvania,Philadelphia, PA
Department of Bioengineering
Research Specialist, 2007 – 2012

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Department of Chemistry
Research Associate, 2004 – 2006

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and University of Zurich, Switzerland
Department of Biology
Postdoctoral Associate, 2002 – 2004

Ching-Hui Huang, Ph.D

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Department of Bioengineering
Email: chinghu AT


University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Ph.D, Department of Chemistry, 2009

National Central University, Chung Li, Taiwan
M.S., Department of Chemistry, 2000

Chung Yuan Christian University, Chung Li, Taiwan
B.S., Department of Chemistry, 1998


Xuemei Zhang, Ph.D

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Department of Bioengineering
Email: xuemeiz AT


Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Ph.D, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, 2007 – 2009

Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
Ph.D Candidate, Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 2004 – 2007

Fudan University, Shanghai, China
M.S., Department of Occupational Health, 2001-2004

China Medical Univeristy, Shenyang, China
B.S., School of Preventive Medicine, 1996 – 2001


Julie Czupryna

Ph.D Candidate, Department of Bioengineering, 2004 – Present
Email: czupryna AT


University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
B.S., Department of Biomedical Engineering, 2004


Andrew Elias

Ph.D Candidate, Department of Bioengineering, 2006 – Present
Email: raelias AT


University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
B.S., Department of Materials Science and Engineering, 2006


Samuel Crayton

M.D./Ph.D Candidate, Department of Bioengineering, 2007 – Present
School of Medicine, 2005 – Present
Email: crayton AT


Yale University, New Haven, CT
B.S., Department of Chemistry, 2005
B.S., Department of Classics, 2005


Robert Warden

Ph.D Candidate, Department of Bioengineering. 2010 – Present
Email: rwarden AT


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA
B.S., Department of Biological Engineering, 2009
B.S., Department of Chemistry, 2009


Ajlan Al Zaki

Ph.D Candidate, Department of Bioengineering, 2010 – Present
HHMI/NIBIB Interfaces Program
Email: ajlan AT


Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
B.S., Department of Chemical Engineering, 2008


Joel Stein, M.D., Ph.D

Resident, Department of Radiology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, 2008 - Present
Email: joel.stein AT


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
M.D., School of Medicine, 2007
Ph.D, Cell and Molecular Biology, 2005

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
Chapel Hill, NC
B.S., Department of Biology, 1998

Work Experience

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
Center for Molecular Imaging Research, Department of Radiology
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2006 – 2007

Jason Poff, M.D.

Resident, Department of Radiology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, 2008 - Present
Email: jason.poff AT


Columbia University, NY, NY
M.D., College of Physicicans and Surgeons, 2007

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA
S.B., Department of Chemical Engineering, 2002

Work Experience

NIH Clinical Center, Bethesda, MD
Molecular Imaging Lab, Department of Radiology
HHMI-NIH Research Scholar, 2005 – 2006

Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral Researchers
Jason Poff, M.D. 2010 – 2011
Ha-Young Lee, Ph.D. 2008 – 2008
Jing Lu, M.D, Ph.D. 2007 – 2008
Clare Zhang, M.D.

2006 – 2007
Graduate Students
Sam Crayton Ph.D., 2012
Dissertation: ICP-MS analysis of lanthanide-doped nanoparticles: a quantitative
and multiplexing approach to investigate biodistribution, blood clearance
and targeting

Drew Elias Ph.D., 2011
Dissertation: Chemical and biological strategies for improving the sensitivty of
SPIO-enhanced MR imaging

Julie Czupryna Ph.D., 2010
Dissertation: The development, characterization and implementation of a reactive
oxygen species-responsive ratiometric bioluminescent reporter and its
use as a sensor for programmed cell death

Daniel L. Thorek Ph.D., 2009
Dissertation: Monitoring of immune cell response to B cell depletion therapy and
nerve root injury using SPIO enhanced MRI

Antony K. Chen Ph.D., 2008
Dissertation: Quantitative imaging and high-throughput analysis of RNA in living
cells using molecular-beacon conjugates

Undegraduate Students
Ted Delikatny 2010 – 2010
Adrian Levine 2010 – 2010
Andreea Dumitrescu 2009 – 2010
Galina Grigoriev 2009 – 2010
Christine Wang 2009 – 2010
Alexander Yen 2009 – 2010
Andrew Shenoy 2009 – 2009
Winston Wey 2008 – 2009
Orrie Meyers 2008 – 2009
Taylor Rycroft 2008 – 2009
Anthony Malamas 2008 – 2009
Andrew Kayvanfar 2008 – 2009
Joseph Kimmel 2007 – 2008
David Solomon 2007 – 2008
Dan Hoang 2007 – 2008
Hilary Harris 2006 – 2007
Mia Maamari 2006 – 2007
Mark Mitchell 2006 – 2007
Mustafa Tumen 2006 – 2007
Avik Basu 2006 – 2006
Jeffrey Sefuritan 2005 – 2006
Andrea Levine 2005 – 2006
Noelia Pacheco 2005 – 2006
Kevin Litcofsky 2005 – 2006