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CIS 1100 Style Rubric

This page outlines the style rubric we look at when grading your homework assignment so that you can quickly refresh yourself on things to do when writing code. Note that this is NOT a general outline of why style is important or why a specific style error is considered in error. You can read more about that on the Style Guide resource page.

Note: We do not list how many points these deductions are worth. This is because the point weighting varies from assignment to assignment.

Overall Errors

These two style errors don’t follow a specific category and usually indicate more significant issues in the submission:

Checkstyle Errors

There are two types of Checkstyle errors, one for the number of checkstyle errors, and one for the number of Checkstyle error types.

These two types of deductions are independent.

Number of Checkstyle Errors

Number of Checkstyle Error Types

Indentation Errors

Class Header Errors

Variable Naming and Declaration Errors

Commenting Errors

If Statement and Loop Errors

Inefficiency Errors

Spacing Errors