Group Pic June 2020

Welcome to the Perception Action Learning group at UPenn. The central focus of our research program is versatile robotic control through tight integration with visual perception and other general-purpose high-bandwidth sensing modalities such as touch. Through this, our aim is to enable robots to operate usefully in our homes, workplaces, and everyday lives.

This is an exciting research area that lies at the intersection of computer vision, machine learning, and robotic control. On the one hand, cameras and data-driven computer vision algorithms can recover actionable information useful to a large variety of robots across diverse environments. On the other hand, we believe that robotic action by itself can also help to address many of the challenges of computer vision, e.g., through collecting informative training data and evidence.

PhD Students

  • Aurora Qian
  • Edward Hu
  • Jason Ma
  • Leon Kim

MS Students

  • Srinath Rajagopalan
  • Adarsh Modh

Visiting Students

  • Jingxi Xu (PhD student at Columbia University)
  • Andrew Shen (undegraduate at the University of Melbourne)

Principal Investigator

  • Dinesh Jayaraman