Google@SEAS or Forwarding to a Gmail Account

Do you already have a personal Gmail account? The information below can help you decide if you want to sign up for Google@SEAS or have your SEAS email forwarded to your personal Gmail account.

Feature Google@SEAS Personal Gmail Account 
Separating personal from school email

If you like to keep your personal and school email separate, then it’s good to sign up for Google@SEAS. Only mail sent to your SEAS email address will be delivered to your Google@SEAS account.

If you have both a Google@SEAS and personal Gmail accounts, it's easy to swtich between them.  Click here for more details.

If you like to have all your messages in one account, then it’s probably better to configure your SEAS email address to forward directly to your personal account.

Please note that you can NOT configure a Google@SEAS account to forward through to another account.

Sending mail from your @SEAS email address When you send mail from Google@SEAS, the “from” address in your message will always be your address.  This indicates that you are affiliated with a respected academic institution. It will help your message get the attention it deserves, both within Penn and elsewhere.

When you send mail from a personal email account, it will by default come from your personal Gmail address (e.g.

Collaboration with other SEAS members When you use Google@SEAS, it will be easy for other SEAS Google users to share documents or calendars with you; they can share directly to your SEAS email address. Others will have to know your personal Gmail address in order to share docs or calendars.
Contact lists You can easily import your existing Contacts into Google@SEAS by following instructions found here.  However, contact lists in your personal and Google@SEAS accounts will NOT be automatically synchronized.  They will be separate lists By using a single account for personal and school email, you'll work from a single contact list.
Information privacy Google@SEAS includes special protections for the privacy of information in your mail and docs.  Google has agreed to protect the confidentiality of Penn's private information with the same standard of care in which they protect their own private corporate information. Personal Gmail accounts will use the standard Gmail terms of service.  Information can be found here.
Blackberry users Google@SEAS can work with Blackberry devices, but the setup process is a little more complicated than with standard Gmail accounts.Contact for more information. See Google's standard instructions for using Gmail on a Blackberry
Tech assistance
Penn has staff available to assist with any Google@SEAS issues. Contact
Google has a support page and forum to assist with technical issues.
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