great faculty click stories  1   2   3   4   Pedro Ponte Castaneda
  Pedro Ponte Castañeda receives Humboldt Award
Pedro Ponte Castañeda, Raymond S. Markowitz Faculty Fellow and professor in MEAM, is a recipient of a prestigious Humboldt Award. These awards are given in recognition of "academics whose fundamental discoveries, new theories or insights have had a significant impact on their own discipline and who are expected to continue producing cutting-edge achievements in the future."
  great labs click stories  1   2   3   4   Maker Day 2014
  Preview of New 3-D Printing Lab is Part of National 'Day of Making'
In an event timed to coincide with the first White House Maker Faire and national "Day of Making," a celebration of America as a nation of tinkerers, inventors and entrepreneurs, Penn Engineering gave a preview of AddLab, a new additive manufacturing facility that will feature a suite of state-of-the-art 3D printing tools.
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  great students click stories  1   2   3   4   MicroFluFish
  BE Seniors Take on the Flu to Win Design Competition
  A quick and accurate flu diagnostic, developed by Penn Engineering's Bioengineering Senior Design team, has the potential for world-wide impact. Appropriate influenza treatment is hampered by diagnostic tools that are either rapid or accurate, but not both. The winning students developed a best-of-both-worlds technology: a microfluidic device that, applied using a standard nasal swab technique, uses fluorescence to quickly identify influenza-infected cells.
  great students click stories  1   2   3   4   APOC 2014
  Engineering APOC Students Travel to Ghana to Study Type 2 Diabetes
Students participating in Penn Engineering’s Appropriate Point of Care Diagnostics (APOC) program traveled to Ghana to design a point-of-care device that will address the growing problem of Type 2 diabetes in Sub-Saharan Africa. Type 2 diabetes is gravely understudied in Sub-Saharan Africa, with about 80 percent of the affected population believed to be undiagnosed.

Penn Engineering's Designers and Creators

Penn Engineering undergraduates are expanding the boundaries of their knowledge and pushing technological limits while working on computer control systems that are used in cars, rockets, and robotics with ESE prof Rahul Mangharam. Watch Now!

Crystals That Can Switch Configurations

John Crocker’s team has made a crystal that rearranges itself into a stronger, more stable configuration, all by changing the mix of DNA strands on the spheres' exterior.Check it out!

Penn Engineering's Collaborative Culture:

Penn Engineering undergraduates have collaborative hands-on experiences building robots while working in the lab with MEAM prof Mark Yim. Watch now!

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