I don't know about you, but some very coincidental things have happened to me. These have often been pretty significant, such as getting the jobs that mattered, improbable, such as running into people in unusual places, or just spooky, such as finding myself mentioned in a novel. Here's a collection of events that are all absolutely true; I'm not nearly clever enough to fabricate any of them!

How I got my first programming job

How I got my faculty position at Penn

A natural phenomenon

At the Chinese Restaurant


Paradigm Simulation

Crossing paths at the Frankfurt airport

Calling England, both ways

Re-learning about SimuLearn

USA Today and the quote I needed

Skull Session, anyone?

Cross country to Berkeley

At the Superfresh

At the rest stop

It's a small world

The cemetery search

It's an even smaller world

It's an incredibly shrinking world!