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Systems Biology

The Diamond laboratory has worked on a variety of numerical problems motivated by reaction-transport processes in cardiovascular biology:

  • Moving front systems in eroding biopolymers
  • Two-body hydrodynamic collisions
  • Heterotypic aggregation-fragmentation processes
  • Stochastic kinetics during platelet and neutrophil adhesion
  • Stochastic kinetics of blood coagulation
  • P2Y1 - Phosphoinositides Model
  • Platelet-Plasma Clotting Model
  • Pairwise Agonist Scanning
  • LKMC for reactive platelet flow and deposition



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9. 2002

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10. 2003

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27. 2013

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Voronov RS, Stalker TJ, Brass LF, Diamond SL. Simulation of intrathrombus fluid and solute transport using in vivo clot structures with single platelet resolution. Ann Biomed Eng 2013; 41 (6): 1297-1307



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